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Article Is there a secure https login for Cpanel?
Yes, there is.Try: will get a warning message, but this is normal. The transferred...
Views: 9755
Article Launch your Internet Radio using Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP v2
It is very simple to stream your audio to your server with Winamp and the Shoutcast DSP plugin installed (version 2.3.2). Setting up the...
Views: 7861
Article How do I login to cPanel?
cPanel is your control panel for managing your web hosting with Ileys Technology Inc. You can add subdomains, create FTP accounts, create MySQL...
Views: 4198
Article My ISP blocks port 25. Can I still use your SMTP server to send mail?
Yes, you can. Please try changing the port for SMTP in your mail client to port26.
Views: 2933
Article My Site was Hacked, What Do I Do?
Addressing hacks is usually a nightmare which can cost you a lot of time/money. Ileys Inc. puts a lot of resources in ensuring that all server-side...
Views: 2844

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