How do I login to cPanel?

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cPanel is your control panel for managing your web hosting with Ileys Technology Inc. You can add subdomains, create FTP accounts, create MySQL databases, and much more.

When you first signed up withIleys TechnologyInc., you received a welcome email containing all the information you need to manage your service. Including your cPanel username and password.

You will need both pieces of information in order to sign in to your cPanel. We strongly recommend you retain this email so you can quickly access your account information.

There are many ways to login to cPanel.

We recommend using a secure login to ensure your login details are encrypted upon transmission. For completeness, we are listing all available methods here:

In these links, YOURDOMAIN should be substituted with your domain name. SERVERIP should be substituted with your server's IP address.

Insecure cPanel Login:

Secure cPanel Login:

You can also use your domain name to access cPanel. In order to use these links, you must already have your domain name properly resolving to the server's IP address. If your domain name is not yet properly resolving, use the IP based links above.

Insecure cPanel Login:

Secure cPanel Login:

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