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Some basic things to get started, This category is essential for you if are new to web hosting industery


Article Can I use FTP before my domain has propagated?
Yes you can. To do this you must use your IP from your setup email as the FTP address. Login...
Views: 2182
Article Do you support anonymous FTP ?
No, for security purpose we do not support anonymous FTP
Views: 2157
Article How do I connect and upload via FTP with Dreamweaver ?
tep 1:Open DreamWeaver. Click on Site and choose Manage Sites.Step 2:Click the New button and...
Views: 2588
Article I just uploaded something and I can't see it! What's going on??
Once in a while, when you've just uploaded a file via FTP, it won't show up on the list of...
Views: 2112
Article What are my default FTP account settings?
Your account comes with default FTP settings already in place. To utilize the default settings,...
Views: 2513
Article What is Ftp?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the standard manner by which files are transferred...
Views: 2114
Article What software do I need to use FTP?
In order to use FTP, you'll need an FTP client. The two most popular clients are CuteFTP and...
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